20150715_123555 DSCF7002 DSCF7007 DSCF7013 DSCF7015 DSCF7016 DSCF7017 DSCF7019 DSCF7020 DSCF7029 DSCF7031 DSCF7035 DSCF7041 DSCF7042 DSCF7044 DSCF7048 DSCF7049 DSCF7054 DSCF7055 DSCF7058 DSCF7061 DSCF7062 DSCF7069 IMG_20150714_101939 IMG_20150714_101947 IMG_20150714_105248 IMG_20150714_105859 IMG_20150714_110023 IMG_20150714_111854 IMG_20150714_112826 IMG_20150714_115336 IMG_20150714_115348 IMG_20150714_120900 IMG_20150714_121649 IMG_20150714_121705 IMG_20150714_121716 IMG_20150714_130140 IMG_20150714_130218 IMG_20150714_130334 IMG_20150714_130345 IMG_20150714_130415 IMG_20150714_131715 IMG_20150714_131749 IMG_20150714_131913 IMG_20150714_131919 IMG_20150714_142723 IMG_20150714_143809 IMG_20150714_143813 IMG_20150714_143848 IMG_20150714_144930 IMG_20150714_145017 IMG_20150715_100322 IMG_20150715_100340 IMG_20150715_100604 IMG_20150715_100629 IMG_20150715_100658 IMG_20150715_100746 IMG_20150715_101022 IMG_20150715_101042 IMG_20150715_101057 IMG_20150715_102011 IMG_20150715_102245 IMG_20150715_102250 IMG_20150715_124403 IMG_20150715_124518 IMG_20150715_124939 IMG_20150715_130141 IMG_20150715_130221 IMG_20150715_130257 IMG_20150715_131854 IMG_20150715_133501 IMG_20150715_134955 IMG_20150715_135229 IMG_20150715_135320 IMG_20150715_144247 IMG_20150715_144307 IMG_20150715_144359 IMG_20150715_144817 IMG_20150715_145337 IMG_20150715_145917 IMG_20150716_094703 IMG_20150716_094710 IMG_20150716_120631 IMG_20150716_120642 IMG_20150716_120740 IMG_20150716_122853The Saturday Academy is the outreach component of the Juvenile Justice Ark of Safety Community Outreach Ministry of Atlanta’s Big Bethel AME Church.

The Saturday Academy is designed to provide an outlet and assistance to children, youth and families in the areas of computer and academic literacy, to offer personal interactions and dialog, to address every day issues and concerns that children and families encounter on a daily basis, and to seek ways to provide help in eradicating the same. This is also a time for developing social skills, etiquette, building self-esteem and love for oneself. A variety of interactive activities will be incorporated in the schedule aimed at developing the community by empowering children and families to become self-loving and self-sufficient through vocational and technical skills programs, community input and involvement, networking and connecting with state and local government and community partners.

Further, this initiative seeks to aid in the advancement of social skills, educate the participants relative to personal hygiene, and serve as a nurturing agent for the whole person pursuing their fullest potential. Through the various partnerships and networking sessions, this initiative further seeks to encourage the participants to focus on making healthy choices, being responsible, provide guidance and direction toward further educational studies whether in academic studies or technical training, and to assist in setting short-term and long-term goals.

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